Miss Wendy Williams recently did a photo shoot that shows her living her best life in a number of fancy get-ups. Despite the amount of controversy the woman gets herself into due to her opinionated self-titled talk show, it's nice to see that she's holding up and smiling wide for the lens. Doing what the Internet does best, loyal trolls have pointed something out in the photos that simply looks off. 

People are calling Wendy out for supposedly photoshopping her size 11 feet to look much smaller than they really are. The photos shared to her Instagram feed show her feet cropped out but someone on Twitter snatched the full photo and we have to agree that it does look a little altered.

There is a second photo that shows her feet as she's lounging in a chair and that photo also may or may not be airbrushed - do you guys see it?

Wendy recently opened up about her daytime television takeover where she called herself a "hellcat." 

"I can’t change my skin, I won’t change my voice, I can’t change my confidence. All I can do is pray that you put up with me long enough that you actually begin to get it. You know?” she said. "Even though you think we don’t, know this is what we have in common."