In case you missed it, Rihanna wrapped up her two-episode cameo in this season of Bates Motel on A&E last night where she played the role as Marion Crane, the woman who's infamously slashed to death while in the shower of the original Psycho movie. Although she doesn't get stabbed like in the movie, she does partake in the shower scene with Norman Bates watching her through the peep hole. But rather getting stabbed, Rih-Rih walks out scratch free and says “screw this shit,” before going to find her boyfriend.

Later on, after finding out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her, Rihanna takes off with some stolen money and leaves him to get stabbed to death instead in the shower, flipping the script of the movie a little bit.

Rihanna shower scene wasn’t her first appearances in Bates Motel however. Last week, Rih-Rih partook in a sex scene after stealing $400K from her boss, which you can peep for yourself (below).

Check out Rih-Rih’s cameos in the show (below).