Hot off the recent release of his debut studio album Stoney, Post Malone sat down with Noisey for their latest episode of The People vs. The Dallas hip hop artist went through the comment section of the YouTube video for "White Iverson." Post found some of the rudest remarks and read them aloud for our viewing pleasure.

"This fatty sings so good," one comment read sending Post into a laughing fit. "Like I've never even heard anybody call me a fatty," he said grinning.

Post went through more backhanded compliments and insults. One YouTuber compared him to Shia LaBeouf while others were surprised by his skin color. Another said he's a dead ringer for Bolbi Stroganovsky, the weird exchange student in the Jimmy Neutron cartoon, to which Post cried foul.

"Is it 'cause I'm fat?" he asks. Watch the entire video below.