Watch Pornhub's SFW "Lonely Night" Christmas Ad

Carver Low
December 08, 2016 17:50

"Have yourself a horny little Christmas."

While we don’t think Pornhub has any need to advertise its already popular services, they’ve decided to do so anyway, in the form of a commercial. The video is completely safe for work (you perverts), so you can enjoy it without needing to look over your shoulder.

It’s pretty harmless fun, showing a number of different people who are spending a little alone time on Christmas. Eventually Santa flies over and gives each of them a premium subscription to Pornhub, much do their delight. Fun fact, each of the characters in the spot are a reference to other Christmas ads from 2015.

While spending Christmas by yourself is a slightly depressing premise, Pornhub makes it fun.

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LIFESTYLE Watch Pornhub's SFW "Lonely Night" Christmas Ad