The odd couple of hip hop is back at it again. A$AP Rocky took to Instagram to voice his displeasure at A$AP Ferg's hygiene -- or lack thereof. The A$AP Mob front man discovered that his band mate used his toothbrush to clean his clippers. 

"That nigga used my toothbrush to clean these bum ass clippers," says Rocky showing the blackened bristles. "Fuck is he talking about. That's the disrespectful shit."

The New York rapper spends half the video wondering why Ferg would do this to him and trying to imagine what would happen to his gums if he brushed his teeth with the dirty thing. Realizing he's getting punked, Rocky shouts at the top of his lungs, "Ferg stop using my toothbrush." The video ends with A$AP Ferg walking into the bathroom with a fresh lineup and a grin while Rocky tells him to get out. Any another post Rocky took time to show off his perfectly white grills.