It's been said before but the Washington NFL team name is pretty racist. This isn't exactly a brave stance to take although it certainly rings true. The merits of the name have been debated for decades, but still, team owner Dan Snyder has refused to change the nickname. Well now, it appears as though he may have no choice, considering all of the recent backlash that has surrounded the club. For instance, FedEx, the field sponsor, recently disavowed the name, all while Nike removed all Washington merchandise from its website.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Snyder recently released a statement in which he announced that he along with the NFL, were reviewing the name. In fact, Rapoport says it is "likely" that a change is coming and that Roger Goodell is in favor of Washington making the long-awaited change.

Goodell's philosophy here is consistent with his recent statements about social justice. For instance, Goodell recently came out in support of protesting on the field and has even pledged $250 million to the black community. It's clear the NFL is finally ready to tackle racial injustice, and this is a positive step in that direction.