For the last thirty years now, there have been debates centered around whether or not Washington and owner Dan Snyder should change the name of their NFL team. In the eyes of many, the team name is extremely offensive as it contains what many would describe as a slur. Regardless, Snyder seems convinced that the team name isn't a big deal, and he refuses to change it. Of course, this is because the pressure he has faced has come mainly from those in the media.

However, now it seems like Snyder might be forced to make a change as FedEx, the stadium sponsor for Washington, has come out in condemnation of the team's name. That's right, FedEx is urging the team to change the nickname, or else they may withdraw their sponsorship.

This is perhaps the most pressure Snyder has received as the owner of Washington, although it remains to be seen whether or not he will actually make a change. Most team revenue comes from TV contracts as well as tickets and merchandise, so perhaps Snyder won't care about the loss FedEx would ultimately give him.

Regardless, this is a massive development, and could prove to be a huge crossroads for the franchise.