In a recent interview with RapFix Live, Wale soberly discussed the potential impact of his next studio album, as well as his new approach to promotion and music in general: 

"I've done everything I could do, I've said everything I could say. I've kissed the babies, I've shook the hands - now let's let the music talk, because I ain't about to come here and tell y'all exactly how I feel no more. I'mma let it all sing in the music," he said. "I'm not even gonna do all that other stuff. I'mma talk with the music. Until my album drop, until June 25, I'mma talk loud with the music." 

He's apparently no longer as concerned about sales, instead focussing on staying true to himself and and being more experimental with his music. Although tightlipped about the project, he did mention that he's worked with the lead vocalist of R&B band Mint Condition, Stokley Williams. Otherwise, he pretty much advised fans to sit tight and prepare themselves for it. 

"I'm giving you music, I'm giving you what the people need," he said. "I'm tired of y'all rappers like, 'I got four joints for the ladies, I got two for the club, I got three inspirational,' ... nah, paint a picture, show me wassup."

Should Wale be this confident at this point? Let us know what you think. 

Peep his recent video for "Bad" below, and stay tuned for more information on the project, which (according to him) will be dropping on June 25th.