It's been just over a month since we reported that MMG rapper Wale was splitting ways with his management team at Jay Z's Roc Nation and moving to 77 North Management, the same team responsible for the management of LeBron James. Now, we finally have an explanation.

"It was hard because I was there when that jawn was S. Dot Enterprises,” he said in an interview with The Breakfast Club. “That jawn was brand spankin’ new. It was hard for me. But to me personally they’re going in another direction. They’re sports. My day-to-day person was Rich Kleiman. You know, he’s with Victor Cruz and [Kevin Durant] and I believe Hakeem Nicks. He’s got his own thing going on. I wish those guys the best. I introduced Victor Cruz to Rich as well as K.D."

According to Wale, his music won't be affected by the move. Instead, his new management offers advice and insight in fields he may not be quite as gifted in.

"Couple things about brands and stuff like that,” he said. “I mean, I don’t really need no help on the music side. It’s like the brand stuff is what I’m on right now. I have a job with the Washington Wizards. Can we go into that now? [I’m a] brand ambassador. One of the magnificent things that I do with my free time.”

The Album About Nothing is expected to hit stores in the fall. Check out the full interview with The Breakfast Club below.