Gucci Mane's current behavior has been deemed by most of his fellow rappers as nothing out of the ordinary. 2 Chainz recently said he'd expect nothing less from Gucci. Nonetheless, his behavior seems to get stranger by the day and it doesn't seem like the good ol' GuWop we know and love. One of Gucci's first beefing partners before he went on his crazy Twitter rampage was Waka Flocka, and Waka is one of the few rappers who believes that Gucci actually needs medical attention.

While on The Breakfast Club Waka spoke at length about his relationship with Gucci Mane, and how his behavior is not typical. Nonetheless, Waka says he doesn't care about Gucci and he's adamant the two will never be friends again.

The Breakfast crew and Waka first spoke about Gucci attempting to sell Waka Flocka's contract over Twitter, but Waka says that's the only money the rapper is surviving off-- he needs it more than Waka does.

"He survivin' off that money, I don't blame him," Waka said. "He ain't tryna get rid of that little contract. I want him to eat though, I don't wanna be out here lookin' like a bum."

He continued to say, "Gucci lost his noodles, man. People think he's gangster but he really needs medical attention. That guy lost his noodles. I ain't concerned, I don't care nothin' about him. We ain't never gunna be friends, ever."

Among the things Gucci said during his infamous Twitter rant, he claimed to have had sexual relations with Nicki Minaj. Nicki responded immediately calling the Bricksquad rapper out, and Waka also says that it's not true. "The world would have known," Waka said of a possible Nicki and Gucci hook-up. "She's too poppin. No disrespect to her, she's like a sister too me, but she's too poppin, I been tryna grab cool points," Waka admitted.

The Atlanta native continued to discuss his history with Gucci Mane. "He use you for steppin' stones, he got a history for that though. When I met him I had people tell me that, like yo, he gon' cross you, he crossed his best friends, he crossed his mother, he crossed his brother...'Nah, not us.' When that happened, it's like you already knew it," Waka revealed.

As for Gucci's label and his signees, Waka says they're all signed to him now. "Everybody that was quote-unquote Bricksquad in the beginning, they all signed to me. Except Juice, and we don't need Juice, he just extra lame too."

Although Gucci chose to air a lot on Twitter (and later claimed he was hacked), Waka isn't opening up on stories that could potentially hurt Gucci. "I could go so hard on him, man. I know so many secret stories 'bout this guy," Waka told The Breakfast Club.

Although Gucci is a Twitter thug, his former friend says that's not how it is in real life. "He ain't no blood, I dunno why he portrayin' that, he ain't none of that. He 35-years old," Waka said, going on to talk about Gucci's murder charge. "He a accidental murderer man. He killed somebody he was like twenty feet down runnin' with his back to him. He got lucky, he ain't no killa."

Watch the full interview with Waka Flocka below, where he also says he's no longer working with Amanda Bynes, and talks about going overseas and getting in shape.