Waka Flocka has not been shy about his support of the EDM genre, he's even touring with electronic DJ Steve Aoki at the moment. We caught Waka on a day off in L.A. and got a quick update on what it's like to tour with Aoki, Flockaveli 2, and his EDM rap album. 

Waka doesn't reveal many details about Flockaveli 2, which has been delayed until 2014, but he does say, "I wanted to go back to like the essence. I ventured off a lot in my whole career. So I just wanna show people like...c'mon it's Flockaveli. I'ma show you a different Flockaveli this time. Way more turnt up, different crowds now.I'm touching different genres."

As for being on tour with Steve Aoki, Waka calls him an electronic version of himself. "Steve Aoki is like the electronic Waka Flocka. He just known for turning up. I feel like he do everything I do except without vocals. It's amazing, I respect him."

We heard about Waka's desire to do an EDM rap album back in April, and Waka confirms that is still in the works and reveals the title, Flockaveli Psychotics.

"I'm doing it. It's called Flockaveli Psychotics, it'll be released next year," The Atlanta native told us. Are you interested in hearing that project?

Watch the full interview below.