Recently it seemed like Gucci Mane and his Bricksquad artist Waka Flocka would be no more. Ten days ago, the former rapper tweeted that he had dropped the latter from his label, and Waka also sent out some diss tweets towards Gucci. Shortly following this, after the news had made the rounds on the blogosphere, Gucci Mane's management released a statement claiming that Gucci's Twitter account had been hacked, and all the incriminating tweets were deleted.

Now the plot thickens. At a live show last night, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Dipset in NYC, Waka Flocka was brought on stage, and during his performance he called out Gucci. It was during the song "848" where Waka dissed Gucci, changing the lyrics from "free my nigga Gucci" to "fuck that nigga Gucci."

It probably wasn't too obvious at the live event, but it's been documented in footage of his performance, which you can see below. 

What do you make of this?