According to ESPN, the NCAA Tournament is yielding the lowest over/under in over 20 years of first division college ball. Experts agree that a Virginia - TTU matchup will be a historically high scoring affair, yet they have no inclination towards either side when it comes to choosing the victor. It's that close a contest.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

"There is an expectation that the public will be looking to play the under with these two teams involved, especially in the first half," Jeff Sherman told ESPN. Sherman is the vice president of risk at SuperBook, a browser-based resource a good number of gamblers use to hedge their bets in America. "We tried to go with a total low enough to have the first bets on the over, but that didn't happen," Sherman then elaborated.

If you were watching the previous rounds of action, you'll recall that Virginia advanced to the NCAA Final by the skin of their teeth, besting   Auburn by a single point. The win was marred by a controversial foul call whistled down with 0.6 seconds left on the game clock. One Auburn player was so incensed with the decision that he started yelling, "NCAA needs to get some new refs" in a repeated pattern. Who've you got coming up with the dub in the final?