Creative director, Virgil Abloh, has been going through a pretty rough past month. Nearing the start of the month, it was reported that Off-White was being sued by a company called OFFWHITE who believe that Abloh has been infringing on their trademarks, and not even a week later, Abloh's account was hacked by someone who clearly had some ill intentions for the designer, threatening to leak unreleased Off-White. The wildly creative designer still appears to be in good graces and is making innovative moves, as he recently took to Instagram to reveal a new Louis Vuitton video game which was inspired by the designer’s recently released Fall/Winter 2019 runway collection. Dubbed Endless Runner, the new game takes a retro, 16-bit style, with backing graphics that resemble New York City’s metropolis.

The game’s objective is pretty straightforward and simple: players must merely jump over obstacles and attempt to collect various LV-themed tokens with the intention of both increasing their score and gaining health points. The difficulty of the game is that as you continue playing, your runners speed of progressively increases, making it more difficult to time your jumps over the different obstacles. The game is available to play on Louis Vuitton’s website