Off-White creator Virgil Abloh has experienced some hardships this week and we've only reached Wednesday. Earlier in the week, it was reported that Off-White was being sued by a company called OFFWHITE who believe Abloh has been infringing on their trademarks. Last night was especially interesting though as Abloh's account was hacked by someone who clearly had some ill intentions for the designer. 

The hacker went to Abloh's page and made a post saying they would sell his Nike Dunk Low collaboration early to anyone who paid $5000 USD in bitcoin. This same post was later posted to his Instagram story and eventually, fans caught on to the fact that his account had been compromised. To go a step further, the hacker created a page called “hype_______beast," which promised to reveal leaks of an Off-White shoe if the page reached 200K followers.

Luckily for Abloh, he was able to regain control of his account and everything has been deleted, including the leaks page. No leaks were revealed since the follower count was never able to reach its lofty goal. Abloh addressed his followers through his Instagram story where he claimed: “now it’s chill.”

Thankfully the designer was able to get everything back as Abloh has always been secretive and lowkey about his creations.