15 Years ago today, a shooting at an NYC nightclub took place, leading to the arrest of Diddy, Jennifer Lopez, and Shyne. An altercation with Matthew "Scar" Allen ended with shots being fired, and three people being seriously injured. While Puff got off scot-free, Shyne served 10 years on weapon and assault charges. 

UPNORTHTRIPS posted an image of a 1999 headline regarding the shooting today, pointing out the anniversary of the infamous incident. Surprisingly, a woman claiming to be Natania Reuben, a victim of the crime who was shot in the face, began responding in the comments. 

Reuben first criticized the publication for "sympathizing" with the celebrities rather than the innocent victims of the incident, and later found comfort in the words of other commenters. You can find all of her comments in the gallery above.

Diddy was allegedly involved in another altercation at a club just recently, when he reportedly struck Drake outside of Club LIV in Miami.

Check out the original Instagram post below.