I don't got much to say, but since this is underrated type ish, you guys should all peep DJ Dahi's new instrumental mixtape, Toys 2.0. Dope for rappers, and the average listener alike, cop it here. And on an equally random note, I would really like some new Lloyd Banks in my life so I really hope he finishes those two mixtapes he's working on, like, yesterday.

Sir Michael Rocks- Make This Bread

A new one from my main man Sir Michael Rocks. After the extreme dopeness Lap Of Lux, Sir Michael Rocks is following it up, in similar fashion to his Premier Politics tapes, with Lap Of Lux 1.5on December 6th. You can expect more smooth synthy tracks like this one, perfect for vibing out as you contemplate how to make this bread.

King Louie- O.D.

You might not expect a track titled “O.D.” to be so low-key, and that’s partially why I like it. King Louie or King L, or whatever he calls himself, is an artist I’m semi-interested in. Every now and then I hear a song I really like from it,  but sometimes it’s just a complete a miss. So I feel like his Drilluminati mixtape could be really good, or it could be really bad. I’m (really) not sure.

Pac Div- Sneakerboxes Feat. Chip Gnarly & Big Sik

Pac Div released this new single off their GMB album at the beginning of the week. I know a few people that can relate to the sneakerboxes problem. I’m not really sure about the features adding anything to this joint, but waeva. Pac Div keep biting The Cool Kids’ sound though... I haven’t decided yet if I think they’ve been overdoing it. Regardless, the track is here.

JOEYDADON- Middle Fingers Up Feat. Fred Da Godson

JOEYDADON is a Montreal rapper. I was actually surprised at how dope this track was. Not that being a Montreal rapper has anything to do with that. It’s pretty tough though. And I’m not that big on Fred Da Godson but these two work well together.