Last week there wasn't an overwhelming amount of dope music released, but it was 4/20 so we got a lot of new music to smoke to. With that being said, here's a few gems.

Vince Staples- Twitch (Prod. Michael Ozuwuru)

Odd Future affiliated rapper, Vince Staples, spits a story about a woman getting knocked up by a guy who just doesn't give a fuck about her, and made that clear from the start. It's a dark tale over a spacey beat, proving once again how well the rapper works with producer Michael Ozuwuru.

Sir Michael Rocks- We Get High (Prod. Cookin Soul)

A lot of artists let go new ish to celebrate every stoner's favorite day, 4/20, however this release I fucked with the most, not only 'cause it's one of my favorite artists, but 'cause it has an extreme mellow vibe that you can definitely chill to when high. I just wish there was another verse from Mikey instead of the hook finishing up the song.

La Coka Nostra- My Universe Feat. Vinnie Paz

This record has a dark, ominous feel, kinda similar to the Vince Staples one above. La Coka Nostra proceeds to kill the beat as they rap about their universe. This is off their album “Master of the Dark Arts,” dropping July 10th.