The topic of race has been brought up a lot during the discussion of R. Kelly and Michael Jackson, and rightfully so. There's something to be said about how the media how the media would've treated Kelly or Michael if they were white. Nobody's denying that the crimes they've been accused of are wrong but Uncle Murda pointed out that "R. Kelly didn't start this shit."

Michael Jackson's been dead for nearly 10 years but the allegations against him are still impacting his legacy. Uncle Murda took to Instagram to share another perspective in the matter. He pointed out that Woody Allen's legacy hasn't been tarnished even though he "groomed" his adoptive daughter since she was eight and now the two are married. He also referred to Elvis' relationship with Priscilla Presley, saying the late-rockstar moved Priscilla into his home when she was 14-years old.

"Where are these sick mother fuckers documentary’s at @oprah why you not on top of these stories just saying," he captioned the post. "we need y’all put this shit on blast every week until a documentary get made and fuck they legacy up as well."

Wack100 shared a similar sentiment on his Instagram earlier today, pointing out Woody Allen's marriage to his adopted daughter. "Not saying @rkelly isn’t wrong just saying if we gone talk about it let’s talk about it all #WoodyAllen was definitely training this one way before the age requirement," he wrote on Instagram.