Ugly God and XXXTENTACION have had their own tensions between each other. However, that doesn't seem to stop the former from supporting the latter in his upcoming trial. In a message posted to Instagram, Ugly God wanted to let everyone know, including XXXTENTACION, that there's no beef and that he'll be supporting X during his upcoming court date.

Ugly God posted a message on his Instagram via Jason of Worldstarhiphop that sent some positive vibes to X. In the message, he mentions that he has no beef with X and encourages all of his fans to go support XXXTENTACION at the trial.

"I found out about X and his court date tomorrow because I watch Akademiks' youtube channel with his ole biscuit head ass. I will be attending tomorrow in support of X, and I advise to anyone in the area if you're able to you should too. Despite how X is portrayed, he actually has a big heart," he said, "When I hear X speak on how he feels and when he gives positive messages to his fans, its actually genuine. Me and him had our disagreements in the past, but I'm rocking with X 100% this time."

The sentiment is interesting because a few weeks a go, he announced that he'd be disconnecting from social media for the rest of 2017 and also said that he'd be in the North Pole which was proven when a fan taped him in an Alaskan airport.

However, in another Instagram post, he said he wishes X the best outcome but will not end up going to the trial due to threats and hate messages being sent his way for supporting X. You could read both below.