Ugly God, who made his way onto the hip-hop scene with some of our favorite meme-rap songs, most notably "Water," has been fairly quiet 2018. After making it onto the XXL Freshmen list in 2017, Ugly God released his first mixtape The Booty Tape and earlier this year put out a 4-track EP called Just A Lil Something Before The Album...

Now it appears Ugly God is back with his highly-awaited debut album Bumps & Bruises. While we don't have a release date just yet, Ugly God teased the cover art on his Instagram story, also letting us know that the album will have 16-tracks and will offer some introspective tales on the rapper's life. The cover art is a drawing of Ugly God as a kid with a lizard resting on his shoulder. The Indiana rapper also teased another project, this time with 11-tracks but didn't offer a title.

In October, Ugly God posted a trailer to Bumps & Bruises  and said "I wanted to make sure this album is so smooth, it gives you guys [chills] The reason I named my album “Bumps & Bruises”, is because I fell into a year-long [depression]. the reason is a bit [personal] but people talking shit about me on the internet was just the cherry on top. I was so weak for lettting that shit get to me, but I’m [glad] I manned up and grew past it."

Regardless of when the album drops, Ugly God's music is always an interesting listen so we're excited.