It's been a minute since we've heard from Ugly God. In fact, ever since he dropped off last year's The Booty Tape, his presence has been somewhat limited to antics, reptile handling, and the occasional EP. Fans are still waiting for his followup project, as many were ultimately left somewhat disappointed by Ugly God's last offering. To be fair, the "Water" rapper has been keeping a low profile, leaving some of his supporters scratching their heads. Given The Booty Tape's response, it seems like the game needs Ugly God to bounce back now more than ever.

Luckily, the reclusive rapper has taken to Twitter to clear the air, essentially providing his fanbase with a rallying cry. "I got fireeee for y’all. i’m a real life underdog," writes Ugly God. "When this new music drops, i’ma need yall to go 1000% for me because i don’t have labels to push me or put me on big playlists. if only y’all knew the BIG difference that would make. this why i’m careful about what & when I drop."

Clearly, the man needs help. While he claims publications have abandoned him, I contest that we're still listening. Let's see what he's about to bring to the table, whenever he feels ready. Keep your head up, Ugly God.