An Uber driver opened fire and killed an unidentified male passenger on a Denver interstate early Friday morning after engaging in an altercation. 

The victim was shot on Interstate 25 around 3 a.m., and was immediately rushed to the hospital, where he died shortly afterwards. The driver of the vehicle was also hospitalized, but did not sustain any critical injuries. 

Police are still investigating what prompted the incident, and whether or not the man who was killed was similarly armed. Sonny Jackson, a spokesperson for the Denver police, reveals that the suspect was an employee of Uber, but did not confirm if he was on the clock at the time of the shooting. Jackson further notes how it does not appear that the two individuals knew each other prior to the occurrence.

A representative for Uber revealed in a statement that the company is "deeply troubled" by the shooting. "Our thoughts are with the families of those involved. We will continue working closely with police."

The results of the investigation will be handed over to prosecutors, who will then decide whether or not they will file any charges.