If you're one of the thousand, if not million users of Uber then you're probably well aware of the number of things that can go wrong when you're hitching a ride. You're driver may be taking a ridiculous route, thought you were riding pool and picks up other passengers or the app says your driver is outside when they're really down the block.

Aside from those usual happenings, a Toronto man easily takes the cake for the worst mishap when he was charged $18,518.50 for a 21-minute ride that covered 11-miles. When Hisham Salama reached out to Uber looking for the expensive matter to be resolved, they said his pick-up and drop-off spots were inaccurate and never offered any kind of refund. He did the most sensible thing and hit up Twitter with his issue, that sparked tons of re-tweets and replies. 

Once attention was drawn to the problem, Uber eventually refunded Hisham and said the problem came from a taxi doubling as an Uber driver who made a mistake by putting fare details in the cab meter. 

The company is apparently working on the issue so it never happens again.