Today is the day where Tyrese Gibson finds out if the restraining that's keeping him from seeing his daughter will be dropped.

TMZ caught up with the actor on his way to court where he was not sounding too optimistic on the matter saying, " If you google sacrificial lamb, you'll understand that sometimes you'll get used to go through hell to make a statement."

He then continues his statement giving thanks to the publication for keeping the stories on him "honest."

In regards to the countless Instagram posts and video updates we saw from Tyrese, updating fans on everything that's been happening with his custody battle and allegations of him abusing his daughter, Shayla, he says it was all because of a prescription from a doctor.

"The medicine that I took, recommended by a psychiatrist... when I went they was like 'you need some help, you're stressed, it's all traumatic,'" he says in the video. "I go get medicine, bro that shit took me completely out of my mind and made shit way worse than what it ever was. I don't drink I don't smoke, I've never got like... I don't fuck around." 

He later explains how he tossed the meds down the toilet and all those emotional posts would have never happened if he was in his right state of mind. Watch the video below.

His last post to Instagram has another lengthy caption that says, "I feel better, stronger and blessed and look forward to many many great things," adding, "At the end of every storm comes a rainbow you just have to look UP for your blessings and go get it."

We'll keep you guys posted on how his court case plays out and if his ex-wife Norma Gibson will allow him to see their daughter, Shayla.