Now that he's been readmitted to the NFL in some capacity, Tyreek Hill has addressed the domestic violence that left his young family in shambles. If you'll recall, Hill was accused of assaulting his child by his own baby mother, allegations he continues to deny. Upon coming to grips with the possible ramifications, the NFL put the Chiefs' wideout on its inactive list, barring him from competition until now. It's around this time that audio recording was placed under the "protective custody" of his baby mother's friend, who later sent it to TMZ in an effort to hold the Tyreek Hill accountable for his alleged misgivings.

Moments ago, Tyreek Hill spoke with the press, his intention: to clear himself of any wrongdoing or contempt. It's his belief that everything that was muttered in the recording, was taking out of context, including the notion he might lay hands on his then-domestic partner. Crystal Espinal, his baby mother, accused him of using a belt as a disciplinary tool against their 3-year old boy. He denied that as well.

"Punching my son in (his) chest. That would probably refer to me teaching my son how to box. 'Cause we do got boxing gloves at our house," Tyreek Hill explained at a press conference held this afternoon. Barring any further probes into his allegedly violent conduct, Tyreek Hill will suit up for the Kansas City Chiefs as Patrick Mahomes primary weapon down the field. It appears as though Hill has the support of his teammates going into next season. A transcript of the recording in question can be read here.