ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that Tyrann Mathieu has narrowed his free agent decision down to one team and one team only, the Houston Texans. It seemed that Tyrann Mathieu, already one of the premier defensive backs in the game, had all the choices in the world leading up to his decision.

It was somewhat surprising when the Arizona Cardinals cut him loose in a cost-cutting measure. He had $5.75 million and $8 million respectively in guaranteed salary over the next two years. What's most shocking about their management decision, is that Arizona can hardly afford to lose any talent, if anything they should be looking far and wide to bring in "non-rotational squad members."

Tyrann essentially took less than was made available on the open market, in order to sign with the Texans. $7 million seems like a paltry sum for a premier defensive player, but Tyrann's ongoing injuries seem to figure primarily in both Arizona's decision to cut him, and other team's unwillingness to give him guaranteed money or a multi-year contract. 

If Tyrann can stay healthy for the upcoming NFL season, his next contract will likely put him near the top of the league's pay scale.