Rumors of Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky's Wang$ap album began after the AWGE 3 DVD leaked which contained the music video for their collab "Potato Salad." At the end of the video, WANG$AP appeared on the screen which prompted many to believe a joint project was on the way. Rocky recently added more fuel to the fire during a slew of interviews by saying he and Tyler were hard at work, but that might not be the case.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It looks like a joint project from A$AP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator isn't actually happening. Tyler, The Creator dispelled any rumors of a collaborative effort with A$AP Rocky on Twitter earlier, claiming the project doesn't actually exist.

"i wish rocky would shut the fuck up and stop always saying what he's working on 40 years before its even a fleshed out idea," Tyler tweeted. "with that said, again, dont get your hopes up and be 'disappointed' because something that doesnt really exist didnt come out. that shit dont exist yall =)."

Rocky and Tyler's public bromance has been going on for a few years since they toured together in 2015. Rocky's been teasing the project since 2017 after he appeared on stage and suggested that they do a mixtape together which Tyler didn't even really seem down for then. Unfortunately, it looks like we won't get WANG$AP anytime soon.