@fucktyler is no more, at least, it's no more when it comes to the rapper who made the twitter handle infamous. Tyler, The Creator, the ultimate fuck boy (in the best way possible), has grown his career all the while using a not-so-SEO friendly twitter handle, let alone PG-13.

The rapper officially announced the change of his twitter name last night, and it's already been adopted by another user who is purporting to sell the handle in exchange for a copy of Frank Ocean's highly coveted magazine.

Tyler paid homage to @fucktyler while laying it to rest, writing on twitter, "RIP FUCKTYLER, WILL MISS YOU, ITS BEEN GREAT, BUT NOW ITS TIME FOR ME TO......IDK WHAT EXACTLY, BUT ITS TIME, IM OK WITH THAT. LOVE YOU."

We'll have to wait and see what exactly it is time for. Meanwhile, @feliciathegoat remains his Instagram handle.

Are you sad about this? Or give zero fucks?