There's been a video that has circulated for several years of Tupac Shakur playfully confronting a 3-year-old child. Though the video isn't anything that was released in recent times, the second it resurfaced, fans were under the impression that it was a young Tyler, The Creator. It's been a few years and fans have gone along with it. There's even a video titled, "Tupac Meets Young Tyler The Creator" on YouTube.

Tyler has addressed this rumor, once and for all. Taking to Twitter, he simply wrote, "thats not me as a baby with tupac dumbass ha." It seemed unlikely in the first place but finally, we have a definitive answer. In all fairness, the child's attire seems damn-near identical to what we'd probably see Tyler rock during the early years of Odd Future.

The video in question is from 1994 from an episode of BET's Rap City alongside John Singleton. As the two take a stroll around the block, 'Pac spots a young kid staring at him and proceeds to jokingly confront him. "What you gon' do, man?" 'Pac asks with a grin on his face. "You just be walking and somebody just be looking at you, mean-mugging, you know what I'm saying. Like he playing me or something. Now, I could keep walking or I could confront that man. I think I'ma keep walking. I don't know what he got with him."

Check the video below.