A few days back, Tyga unveiled the highly suggestive, Hentai-inspired album cover for his upcoming Kyoto project. The drawing, which features a sexy tiger-woman-hybrid presumably in heat, was born from the mind of Japanese illustrator Hajime Sorayama; while it's technically sound, with a strangely accurate attention to detail, the image's sexually charged nature has left a few fans scratching their heads. Tyga, however, initially showered the cover with praise, thanking Sorayama for ""allowing me to share this experience with the world thru your creative art & my vision." Unfortunately for Tyga, not everyone was on the same page, and his Kyoto album cover quickly became a topic of discussion.

Today, TMZ caught up with T-Raww, asking him about the initial cover reaction. Tyga smiles, and says "it's lit." When the cameraman claims that some people are disturbed by the image's explicit nature, one of Tyga's crew chimes in with "was it the hair on the pussy?" Tyga weighs in, saying "it's art man, it's art." He goes on to say the image was inspired by Kyoto, saying "the artist is Japanese. He's a very well known Japanese designer, so that's why I did it with him." 

When the cameraman claims people called it "straight up furry porn," Tyga pleads the fifth. "I don't even know what that is," he says, with a smirk. "I love it. It's an art piece, it's definitely an art piece. It's the beginning, just keep watching." While we're stuck posting the censored version, you can catch the she-beast in all her glory over at Tyga's IG page here.