Two pilots who were navigating two separate planes have both reported an unidentified flying object that was hovering about 40,000 feet in the Arizonian air. The incident, which occurred on February 24, commenced when a man flying a Learjet had reported to Albuquerque Air Route Traffic Control Center that he had spotted some sort of flying object hovering over the desert in southeast Arizona.

"I don’t know what it was. It wasn’t an airplane but it was, the path was going in the opposite direction," reveals the pilot. Air traffic controllers then notified a nearby United Airlines passenger jet travelling from San Francisco to Dallas to report to them if anything passes over his aircraft. The navigator replied somewhat hesitantly, before he also witnessed this mysterious vessel floating in the ether. "Something just passed over us, like a, don’t know what it was, but it was at least two, three thousand feet above us...Yeah it passed right over the top of us."

Upon pondering what the object could have been, someone plainly stated that they thought it was a UFO. You can listen to the audio conversation describing the sighting right here

FAA spokeswoman Lynn Lunsford has revealed "we don’t have any comment beyond what you hear. Other than the brief conversation between two aircraft, the controller was unable to verify that any other aircraft was in the area.”

This occurred near the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, which means that this vessel could have been some sort of experimental aircraft or balloon. Although, Lunsford also notes how the ARTCC would have been notified if a military aircraft had taken flight. 

Conversely, this sighting happened about 500 miles west of the "1947 UFO Crash" in Roswell, New Mexico. Could this be a coincidence?