Russell Wilson and Ciara gathered with some of Russ's Seattle Seahawks teammates to watch the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight this past Saturday, and the Seahawks signal caller was in rare form. 

As seen on Ciara's instagram account, as well as in a post by Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman, Wilson was decked out in all black for their fight party, including a black durag with a black Money Team hat on top. Or, as some twitter users described, "Russell Wilson looks like Carlton on that Fresh Prince episode when Will took him to Compton."

As it turns out, the Seahawks' quarterback had a reasonable excuse for why he was dressed like it was 1999. According to Seattle PI, Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin bet Wilson $100 to show his support for Mayweather by wearing a durag and a Money Team hat at the party.

Russell Wilson explained that the bet went down on the sidelines during the team's preseason win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday. Per Seattle PI,

"I didn't really lose a bet, but Doug was like 'Who are you rooting for in the fight?' I said 'The Money Team, man. Mayweather, he's 49-0, he's gotta win,'" Wilson recalled. "He said 'OK.' Then, on the sideline, he said 'Alright, I'm expecting you to wear a durag and rooting for The Money Team then.' I said 'You want me to do what? OK.'

"He didn't believe I was going to do it. 'One hundred dollars if you do it.' Sure enough I surprised him with the durag and The Money Team hat on."

Check out some of the reactions to Wilson's TMT getup below.