Richard Spencer, the white supremacist leader of the alt-right movement, was likely in good spirits upon the inauguration of Donald Trump, whom he thinks will help bring America closer to his vision of a nation-state controlled by white people of European descent. Little did he know that he would get sucker-punched in the face during a live interview and hence become the butt of the weekend's most popular meme. Twitter users who opposed Spencer's fascist views tried out using their favorite songs as the backdrop to the clip of him getting clocked, and the results were quite often hilarious. 

It turns out that that punch -- which landed so nicely in sync with "Born in the U.S.A." and "X Gonna Give It to Ya" -- was not the only jab to hit Spencer's face on that historic day. While making his way through the crowds of anti-Trump protestors in D.C., Spencer got dealt another unexpected blow. The image of the divinely inspired fist colliding with Spencer's bigoted face was posted by Twitter user @babycommie666, and has gone on to be shared all across the platform. Though there's no clip -- and thus no musical memes -- this time, Twitter is once again enjoying the spectacle of violence being enacted against a neo-Nazi. 

And for good measure, here's another top-class remix of the first punch: