Late last night, Netflix finally released the two stand up specials from Dave Chappelle that everyone had been anticipating for the past few weeks. It wasn’t all roses for fans, however. Netflix was supposed to release the two specials at midnight, but they didn’t tell fans it was midnight on the west coast. As a result, many people found themselves waiting an extra three hours unexpectedly.

 However, for those who decided to wait until the morning (or deliriously continue watching after 3am), the celebration was in full effect. Some people are jokingly calling today “Dave Chappelle Day.” If “National Handwriting Day” can have its own holiday, this writer doesn’t see why Dave can’t get his own. People brought Dave Chappelle GIFs out in force to show support for the beloved comedian. His two Netflix specials are available for streaming now around the world. Peep the celebration below. Have you seen the specials yet?