Anything that doesn't paint Trump in a good light is automatically deemed "fake news" by the President. It's a term that he's essentially ingrained into the English language at this point but the ironic part is that he's always lying. Over the past few weeks, he's had to deal with the dangers of Hurricane Dorian which is set to strike Southern states in America. He reportedly even suggesting nuking the natural disaster to prevent it from coming to America. 

You may have seen the clip of Trump claiming that Dorian is a "Category 5" hurricane which he claims he's never heard of before. Unfortunately, if you're going to be lying to the public, you should at least try to keep up with the lies you've told. A new video compilation created by NowThis News proves that he has heard of a Category 5 hurricane in the past. Not only that but every time he's mentioned a hurricane of that caliber, he said the exact same thing last week when he claimed he's "never heard of it.

He has heard about it before, on several occasions since taking office. There have actually been at least four hurricanes that have been categorized as category 5 since his presidency and he's even admitted to witnessing one during a visit to Tyndall Air Force Base.

We will see if Trump acknowledges this but it seems highly unlikely.