Oh, the joys of election season.

This is one of the most important elections of our time. Our lives are literally at stake, with issues like climate change, the current pandemic, and more forcing us to make vital decisions for our future. In the last few weeks, we've seen President Trump hawk drugs on the Twitter timeline, spread misinformation about the common flu, and tell everybody not to take COVID-19 seriously. And yet, he still manages to be a credible threat for a second term in the White House.

Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images

Last night, the President shared a video on Twitter where he spoke about the drugs he was given to combat COVID-19, which basically translated to a five-minute advertisement for Big Pharma and certain specific treatments, which he referred to as "cures". This morning, we're all waking up to another video from Trump where he hypes up the military, boasting about his approval rating among veterans and claiming that he has spent $2.5 trillion on various things for the army, including new belts (!!!) that everybody supposedly wanted on the force.

"They've never seen anything like what I've done for the military," says Trump in the video. He goes on to detail how he's spent $2.5 trillion, explaining that it's gone toward new tanks, planes, fighter jets, bombers, missiles, and more. 

During the video, Trump stands in front of the White House. He says: "Our military has never been in stronger shape, whether it's rockets or missiles. Anything you can name! We're building a lot of ships right now. We're getting our Navy back to where it should be. Everything that you can name is now under development or already developed."

Trump ends the video by reminding the military that nobody has ever had their back as he does.