Just days after being indicted on charges related to the Irving Plaza shooting, Troy Ave has reportedly started a scholarship fund at his alma-mater high school. The rapper’s laywer, Scott Leemon, confirmed that the scholarship was presented on Monday at New Utrecht High School, which happens to be the same school that both Troy and his late body guard & bff Banga (who was gunned down at Irving Plaza) attended & played football at.

According to DNAInfo, the athletic scholarship will award one student $2,000 each academic year, starting this year with senior defensive end Gianni Penso, who has plans to play on Pace University’s football team as an outside linebacker.

"When my son suggested [the scholarship] from jail I thought it was brilliant," Troy’s mother, told DNA Info. "Edgar (McPhatter’s nickname) would love it, it’s such a good way to represent him."

Troy currently remains behind bars at the moment, but is scheduled to appear in court on June 22. We’ll continue to keep you posted on any further developments moving forward. Stay tuned.