No matter how you might feel about Troy Ave, the man's latest IG post is a tough read. Currently embroiled in an ongoing legal saga, the rapper has taken to social media to vent, opening up about his recent struggles and the potentially devastating consequences that may lie ahead. While the specifics remain unclear, he's no doubt alluding to the fallout of the death of his former bodyguard Ronald "Banga" McPhatter. And while just last week, Troy was opening casting calls for "dope white girls" to star in a music video, it would appear he has been nursing some troubled thoughts.

Today, Ave has penned a passionate speech, touching on many different elements. There is, however, one defining through-line - the fickle nature of the streets. I Got arrested, Stayed in jail to "Kept it Real" cause I believed In "The Streets"," writes Troy, before continuing. "Streets lied, this was Myth, when the pressure was on, I'm the only one who performed, all the homies & friends where out for they self, saying things like ... "I got kids, I can't go to jail etc."

He seems to pin the blame on one particular, unnamed individual, whom he dubs " a "HATER , STALKER or the "cooler new word" a TROLL" it's all the same and it's all fake!" He continues along those lines, opening up about the effects he's been feeling fiscally, physically, and mentally:

"DO NOT KEEP IT REAL WITH FAKE PEOPLE, Because it'll cost You! - Cost me My freedom, Cost me full use in my Right Leg, Cost me the life of my best friend, Cost me Custody of my kids, Cost me Over $2,000,000 dollars in expenses, And now it might cost me 20-40yrs in Jail at least another 5MILLION dollars+ the Career that i built from nothing against the odds for a Hater?!"

Check out the full speech below, via Troy Ave's Instagram. Hopefully he can find some peace.