Trippie Redd recently put out album teasers and has since made it publicly known that a project is well under way. In an Instagram post early this morning Trippie shared a few details about the project including a general idea of it's length. The Ohio rapper urged users to comment "14" over 100,000 in order to unlock another "album surprise."

Pictured in the post, is a painting of Surrealist troll-like Trippie monster running amok in an Alice & Wonderland-themed landscape. A grandfather clock surveys the action, and a limbless Statue of David ponders questions of enlightenment. this type of imagery is consistent with the dreamlike narrative Trippie has spun to date, albeit less dark and more psychedelic - maybe two in the same.

Trippie also alluded to the length of the project: "almost 26 songs," as well as the month he aims to drop the project: sometime in July. Invariably, all decisions Trippie has made to date are subject to change, apart from the obvious ones, like singles he's already released in the run up.

Lastly, the project is tentatively titled Lifes A Trip, an obviously play on the surrealist elements displayed, and his namesake of course. I repeat, this is but a rough draft, as he said it surhimself "any of this info could alter and change," including the artwork.