Trina fans aren't feeling Trick Daddy right now following the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop Miami. The two Miami natives initially teased their joint project TNT in 2017, but there haven't been many updates on the project since they released the lead single, "Smooth Sailing." Contrary to the song title, things haven't been going smooth between the two and during the season premiere of LHHM, Trina went in on Trick Daddy after he allegedly cut her set short.

John Sciulli/Getty Images 

It looks like we won't be getting TNT anytime soon. During the season premiere of LHHM, Trina expressed that she feels like Trick Daddy has been nothing short of disrespectful, and as a result, the two won't be releasing their joint project. "TNT's a partnership, but Trick don't give a fuck about me. He's going to cut my song off? This man has no respect for anything I've done for him." she said to the camera.

The camera cuts to a clip of Trina breaking down backstage, calling out Trick Daddy for being disrespectful towards her and their joint project.

"This whole TNT project, I'm over it. Nobody gives a fuck no more," she said. "Trick, he don't give a fuck because you know why? This guy is fucking disrespectful and I'm tired of the bullshit."

The clip warranted a whole lot of reactions from fans who were siding with Trina.