Not only an artist, but a true fan of the genre, Trey Songz is open about his love of R&B, and has had tumultuous relationships with other notable artists like Ne-Yo, and perhaps the biggest in the game, R. Kelly.  While chopping it up with Tim Westwood, Trey is asked about his relationship with Kelly, and he explains he was just frustrated as a fan with the artist, but now they are on good terms as Kell recognizes how big of a fan the younger artist is.

Discussing the origins of the issues between him and the Trapped In The Closet rapper, Trey says he was an overzealous fan and believed the direction Kelly was going was hurting his career, “Ah man, I’m such a huge R. Kelly fan.  I was young, and I was frustrated with him as a fan for doing what so many of the new artists are doing.” He continues by adding, “Thought he abandoned his legacy and seat in the throne of being the King [by] putting auto tune on his voice, and doing a lot of trendy stuff.”

Both artists have moved past their old tensions, and ultimately the V singer still acknowledges Kells as the best, “I don’t even like to really speak about it, cause it’s so old...I always felt like he was King of R&B, even at that point...but you know, you young, it’s competitive, we sorted it all out.”

Showing he is a true admirer of R&B, Trey compares himself to other fans, “you know fans rant all day long about what they like their artists doing, or don’t like their artists doing, and I just happen to be a singer who said it to the world,” and finally adds, “Nobody’s touching Kells, nobody.”