Travis Scott has made a lot of promises regarding the release of his upcoming project, Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight, but the project still hasn't dropped. The last we heard Mike Dean was still in the mixing process. Today, Travis has been assuring fans that the project is complete and will be arriving soon, and this time, it seems like it just might be for real. 

Travis posted a few photos to Instagram that suggest the project has wrapped, including a pic of a dead bird with the caption, "Just had my first listening session with the fam." Meanwhile, his main collaborator, Mike Dean retweeted a tweet that read "#BITTSM IS FINALLY FINISHED!!!" as well as sending out his own tweet, saying "Time to let the birds fly soon."

No word on how soon that might be. Of course, fans will be up at midnight Thursday in anticipation either way. Whether it's out this week or not, the project seems like it can't bee too far away.