Travis Scott has been living in the lap of luxury. Earlier today, the rapper has reclaimed his spot at the top of the Billboard charts, beating out a young rainbow-haired upstart in the race for album dominance. Not only that, but Astroworld's smash hit "Sicko Mode" has officially eked into the Billboard Hot 100's coveted number one spot, thanks to a final push by Skrillex's timely remix. On the success, Travis spoke with Billboard, stating " Me and Drake been working to make something so crazy for the kids. It's dope that one of our illest collaborations just went No. 1." 

Yet the Drake love did not end there. Travis took to Twitter to praise his "Sicko Mode" collaborator, letting the world know that their success was always written in the stars. "DRIZZY MY BROZAY," writes Travis, employing masterful use of both cactus and owl emoji on Twitter. "MANNN. SINCE THE BACK OF A-LIFE THIS SHIT BEEN DESTINED THANK U !!" 

Clearly, the fans have yet to tire of Travis and Drake's infectious "like a light" refrains. And why would they? In some ways, "Sicko Mode" marks the high point of one of the year's best albums. Respect to both parties for this one!