We've all become used to the strange, gimmicky gear that streetwear brands, especially Supreme, keep putting out. Take the Supreme brick, for example. It's a brick with the Supreme logo on it and it has sold for more than $1000 on ebay in the past (imagine the shipping cost on a brick!). There's also the Supreme money gun, which makes a little more sense because it does something (shooting money), whereas using the Supreme brick to build a house would just not be worth it. 

With the merch craze in music that Kanye West started a few years back, it was only a matter of time before the gimmicky stuff would cross over. We came close with the Kids See Ghosts military blanket (buy it here), but that was nothing compared to Travis Scott's new "Astroworld Crate," a part of his 24-hour at a time merch rollout. What is the Astroworld Crate, you ask? Well, it's described by Scott's website as a "PRINTED STACKABLE CRATE" with "ASTROWORLD LOGOS ON FRONT + BACK" and the following dimensions: "17.7 X 10.1 X 6." Thankfully there is also the disclaimer: "CRATE SHIPS EMPTY." It looks like a big red bucket with Astroworld logos on it. At the time of this writing, it will still be available for 23:15:56, so shop fast!

It's not all dumb though. With the purchase of the crate ($65) buyers will receive pre-sale ticket access to a future Travis Scott headlining tour. Not bad, but is it worth $65? At least you can put stuff in it.