In the latest instance of packet watching, Tory Lanez made fans privy to what he's currently charging for a verse, hopping on Twitter feel that his fee is currently $75,000 for a feature. It was when an up-and-coming artist took to Twitter to inquire about linking with the Canadian superstar via his #AskFargo hashtag.

"Bro, Mans a big supporter still ☔️. How much for a feature? I‘ll make sure to bring that heat," the supporter tweeted out. 

"On everything I love, Tory penned ina responded. "I charge 75k right now."

Considering the regard to which Tory Lanez holds himself, such a hefty price tag isn't hard to fathom.

“People think I’m mad arrogant,” he previously revealed to XXL. “But I’m really just confident in myself, and I just don’t have limitations. The reason why I do things is to show my fans that there are no limitations, period. Sometimes I’ve got to be boasty about that and gotta say it in such an exclamation [...] I do it so that when my legacy is here and I’m gone, the world knows. I can take it to the top because this kid never let the millions of people on the internet tell him anything. He just kept going.”