The Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas battle may be over, save for occasional moments of post-feud pettiness from both camps, but the lasting effects continue to linger. Of course, Akademiks is the latest to feel the fallout caused by the two rap lyricists' spontaneous war, though his fate was ultimately sealed by his own gambler's disposition. As it happens, the Media personality found himself on the receiving end of a hellish haircut from Tory Lanez, known in some circles as "Sweeny Tor," the demon barber of Brampton. 

It would appear that Akademiks made a bet with Lanez, wagering that Joyner would emerge victorious from the feud. Of course, popular consensus deemed "ZEZE" to be decidedly "not it," prompting Joyner himself to delete the track from his official YouTube page. If that is not a mark of defeat, what is? As such, Tory received his prize with glee; for what it's worth, he provided his client with a cozy looking Supreme smock. Tory, who proudly refers to himself as the "hairline champion," proceeds to turn Akademik's scalp into scorched Earth. 

"I went from getting my own hairline to giving n***as hairlines," marvels Tory, before showing off his handiwork. Ak makes sure to send a shot at Joyner Lucas, whom he holds personally responsible for the debacle. We have yet to see the finished product, but one has to wonder if Tory's newfound sense of barber's integrity will trump his innate desire for mischief.