Tory Lanez is definitely not above splurging on birthday gifts, especially when they're for himself.

Posting to his personal Instagram account, Lanez shared a video of himself at a car dealership, making two big purchases as an early present to himself before he turns a year older. He captioned the video with, "When I was kid I used to say I'd be successful and blessed enough at 25 to have the the cars/ and properties that I wanted . My birthday bout 2 weeks away .. and I'm sitting back looking at all that I established ....all I can say is thank GOD."

He also had a message to the haters, whom he assumed would come out of the woodwork and chastise him for overspending on such a luxurious item. He insists that he's well-invested in "the things that count," and doesn't seem to have a problem with the purchase. Happy early birthday to him!

Check out the video below.