When it comes to his freestyles, Tory Lanez isn't going to let conspiracy theories taint his image as a rapper or lyricist.

Yesterday, a fan-made video was posted online that broke down his eight-minute freestyle that he did on Funk Flex's show, claiming that he lifted other people's bars in order to fill out his time. You can check a screengrab of the video below.

Though it was a series of unfounded theories, the video's overall theme that Lanez was a lyric poacher made its way around the Internet and had kickstarted some murmurs in several corners of the hip-hop community. Thankfully, Tory was quick to wade into the social media fray and respond to all of the naysayers, insisting that he did nothing wrong and was in no way guilty of stealing anyone's bars.

"None of the punchlines they showing are the same ... n***as tryna expose mans for 'similar words.' Get out of here fam," he remarked. "What about the whole 8 minutes of FLAME that's mans are tryna discredit [...] Just go on YouTube and type in Tory Lanez freestyle ... u won't find nothing that I haven't ripped. I been doin this for years," he added. While that seems to have quelled the rumors somewhat, there are still some who believe that the rapper used the material of others for his own personal gain.

Whether it's that or simply an issue of similar vocabulary, Lanez has put his foot down as far as the stealing claims go. What do you think - is he innocent or guilty as charged? Let us know in the comments.