While you await Tory Lanez' upcoming Love Me Now? with bated breath, recall that Nicki Minaj was originally meant to appear on Tory Lanez' "Shooters," though she ultimately changed her mind at the last minute. Apparently, she felt some type of way after Tory offered a suggestion about her verse, and decided his perceived disrespect warranted a complete removal. Though Tory voiced no animosity, recent developments have caused him to reexamine the situation in a particular light. 

"My only thing is, I find it crazy, like, I never disrespected her, in the situation that happened," explains Tory. "I was just saying something about the verse, like yo, maybe we can try switching this part with this part. Just a suggestion, you feel me? But nah, 'take me off the song, dah dah dah.'"

He continues, showcasing an impressive impression of Nicki's cadence. "But then you get on an interview, like 'oh Quavo told me I had to switch my verse, and I had to go and take time and rewrite my verse." Something doesn't add up for Tory, and he voices his annoyance accordingly. "So what?" he asks, laughing. "I don't understand. I don't know. But you know, maybe their relationship is different. So at the end of the day, I'm not going to sit here and be like...but you know, come on!"

It's almost as if he never actually heard Quavo's "Huncho Dreams," though his coy grin suggests otherwise. Peep the clip below; the full interview is set to drop on Big Boy's Neighborhood tonight.